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Rivalries: British and Irish Lions VS New Zealand

British and Irish Lions VS New Zealand: pressure on “British and Irish Lions” – how to resist to “haka”

The eternal rivals New Zealand and the “British and Irish Lions” constantly strive to disenchant their opponent before the match. In this fight, all means are good. And one of such means is national Maori dance, which is called and known to the whole world as a “haka”. This is how teams oppose this pressure from their opponents.

To advance

Interesting was the answer to Ireland. In 1989, the team met with New Zealand. The captain decided to knock out the wedge and show the whole intransigence of the Europeans. The team, hand in hand, moved towards the Maori descendants. In the end, Anderson was practically nose to nose with Wayne Shelford. After this incident, the arbitrators were recommended to be between the teams in order to prevent possible trouble. Despite the daring “greens”, Ireland lost with a score of 6:23.

Get up a wall

The French have built a living wall in front of All Blacks in the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2007, coming together almost face to face with a rival. The New Zealanders decided not to give in and danced the haka in a few centimeters from Le Bleu. The national hero of the French rugby, Sebastien Chabal, became one of the symbols of the brutal opposition to the hack, thanks to his facial expression. “Tricolors” won 20:18, knocking out New Zealanders from the fight for the trophy.


But our beloved Lions approached this case from the other side. Before the British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand in 2005, European coach Clive Woodward conducted an interesting study of hacks. As a result, team captain Brian ODriscoll persuaded the “lions” to show respect for the Maori ritual dance. Thus, the guests had to show their calm and readiness to fight. At the end of the rivals, the British and Irish threw up pieces of torn grass as a sign of respect. As Clive Woodward himself later said, he learned this from an email from a Maori representative. New Zealanders did not appreciate the gesture. In less than a minute, Tana Umaga and Kevan Mealamu made O‘Driscoll a “fire extinguisher”. The captain of the Lions was eliminated with injury until the end of the tournament, and the New Zealanders still do not admit guilt. The All Blacks match won 21: 3, and the occasion provoked a change in the rules of the game. Now for such a seizure is punished with a red card.


Some teams and their fans are trying to reduce the adrenaline rush that occurs during the execution of khaki, noise and shouts. In 2012, Scarlet Roses took New Zealanders at Twickenham. During the Maori ritual dance, the stadium loudly sang the English rugby hymn “Sweet Low, Sweet Chariot”. The effect of the khaki instantly disappeared and the team of New Zealand, although it danced completely, looked slightly comical. The strength to the full of the filled 82,000-meter arena was clearly transmitted to the legs and arms of the English rugby players. They won 38:21.


Not only has New Zealand performed ritual dance. It is widely distributed among the countries of Oceania. Usually, if two teams plan to dance, then do it in turn. But in 2003, Tongans so emotionally perceived the actions of the New Zealanders that they began to sipi tau along with the All Blacks hack. It looked amazing, but still New Zealand defeated rival 91: 7.


This principle guided the Australians, not paying attention to the hack. “Vallabis” calmly warm up, ignoring the terrible cries of rivals. True, not all players appreciated the idea of ​​coaches to behave in this way. New Zealand took the act of disrespect to heart and brought the attempt in the first minute. Australians suffered a crushing defeat 6:43.


Oddly enough, this is also one of the methods used by rivals in the past, albeit in rugby leagues. Not the best option definitely.

Battle of the Titans: British and Irish Lions vs. New Zealand Rugby Players

The British and Irish Lions is a national team made up of players representing England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Every four years, “Lions” make a tour of the southern hemisphere; in 2017 it was the turn of New Zealand to take the famous team. In total, during the tour “Lions” will hold 10 matches; five of them are fights with New Zealand franchises. “Test” test matches against the national team of New Zealand will be held on June 24, July 1 and 8. In honor of the team and the famous confrontation with New Zealand, they even issued real commemorative coins. Both commemorative coins have the same denomination – 1 New Zealand dollar, and a diameter of 40 mm. The first coin is minted from silver of the 999th quality “proof”. Its mass is 1 troy ounce, the circulation is 1000 pieces.

The second coin is made of a copper-nickel alloy. Its circulation is 5,000 pieces. Quality – “diamond-uncirculated.” Coins minted by BH Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt GmbH have an identical design. On the obverse of the British and Irish Lions coins is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS. The letters “NEW ZEALAND”, “ELIZABETH II”, “2017” are engraved along the edge of the coin.

On the reverse of the commemorative coins on the left, on a burgundy background, there is a stylized image of two rugby players greeting each other with the help of hongs – the ritual greeting of the Maori tribe (you must press your foreheads and noses). The fact is that the tip of the nose is considered the center of the Maori body. After the Hongs, Māori perceive another person as a friend: sharing the breath of life for two, people become one. On the right is the Lviv emblem. The inscriptions along the edge of the coin are engraved in a semicircle: at the top – “ONE DOLLAR”, at the bottom – “THE BRITISH & IRISH LIONS”, “2017”, “TOUR TO NEW ZEALAND”. The author of the reverse is Maori artist Dave Burke. British and Irish Lions coins are sold by New Zealand Post at a price of 149.90 New Zealand dollars for a silver coin, 39.90 New Zealand dollars for a nickel-copper coin.

Caino: “All Blacks” is waiting for an exciting test”

New Zealand national team forward Jerome Caino commented on the coming confrontation with the British and Irish Lviv national team. “You can’t go on the field, worrying about how the main referee will serve the match. While you are acting according to the rules, I do not think that any problem may arise.” “You just need to play from whistle to whistle. The referee does his job, and the team should adapt to the style of service as soon as possible.”

“You never expect your career to last more than 10 years. I am very lucky that I’m still here and will witness and participate in matches with the national team of British and Irish Lions. I remember how vivid the tests against the “Lions” were in 2005. All country supported. The atmosphere was indescribable.” “The British style of play has come down different from the Australian or South African teams, but this is exactly where rugby charm lies – to get an opportunity to fight with rivals and resist his tactics. An exciting challenge awaits us.”

Murray: “We need to stick to the plan, and not think about the All-Blacks record

Irish Scrum Hav to the British and Irish Lions team Conor Murray commented on the upcoming confrontation with New Zealand. “Many teams were close to victory over the New Zealanders, the “Lions” more than once managed to win. I think you need to stick to your plan more than to look at the All Blacks records. We have a completely new team, a lot of talented rugby players.”

“You cannot constantly look back and remember the winning match in Chicago. The main thing is to keep the factor of constant and continuous presence in the game, to concentrate on each situation. This is a real challenge to spend 80 minutes meeting your expectations and adhering to the strategy.”

Warburton: All the Blacks remain the best team in the world

The captain of the British and Irish Lions Sam Warburton acknowledged the superiority of the team of New Zealand. “Ireland showed last year that it is possible to beat Kiwi.” But All Blacks are still the best team in the world. They won the World Cup twice in a row. The Lions were well aware that this tour would be the hardest test of our careers.” “Just because we snatched a draw, it does not mean that the New Zealanders have ceased to be the strongest. This title “All Blacks” won over 10 years. ” The decisive confrontation between the national team of New Zealand and British and Irish Lviv ended with a score of 15:15.