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If you live in the UK, sooner or later you will come across rugby, the game that the British invented. Flashing knowledge in this sport, you definitely win the sympathy of their British counterparts, and, we must say, a special one.

Rugby is not football

You will never hear about the outrages of rugby fans, and not because they are fewer than football ones. Rugby matches are gathered out for thousands of stadiums: Millennium in Cardiff, Murrayfield in Edinburgh, Twickenham in London. Just rugby fans are different. At the moment when the rugby player punches a free kick, tens of thousands of spectators calm down, holding their breath, out of respect for the player. A special attitude in rugby and to the judges, it is not customary to argue with them. Brutal guys in rugbyki have nothing to prove to the referee personally, they do it during the game. There are exceptions. For example, a player tried to protest the decision of the Welshman Nigel Owens, one of the most famous and popular referees in the world, to which he replied with a phrase that became a meme in the rugby world: “Here is rugby, and the football stadium is over there, in 500 meters”. Special traditions of respect between rivals, judges and rugby fans are largely due to the fact that this game has developed in universities and prestigious schools, and for a long time – until 1995, rugby was an amateur sport. In many teams of the world, rugby players, even playing at the World Championships, outside of sporting life – certified doctors, teachers, lawyers. Therefore, rugby players are special people.

British and Ireland Lions squad

The British and Irish Lions (until 2001 this team was called the British Isles team or the British Lions), is a rugby team made up of players from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The name Lions has got accustomed since 1950, when, as part of a tour of New Zealand and Australia, the team played rugby matches with a lion. The addition of “Irish Lions” came to please the Irish fans, who did not agree that the best Irish rugby players would play for the British national team. Moreover, since 1922 Ireland was independent of Great Britain. But the common name for the national team of the best players in the UK and Ireland is just “LION”. The first tours of “Lions” refer to 1887-88, when the British went to New Zealand and Australia. And starting in 1891, the Lions began to play with South Africa. Tours of Lions was a rare event, so the attitude towards them has always been special. There were no World Cups then, and the Lion Tours were the MAIN Rugby Event of the Year. After the first round, more than 100 years have passed, and since 1986 there have been ALL 6 Lions Tours (1986, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, and 2005).

National team of players who did not get into the national team of British and Irish Lions

  1. Kean Healy (Ireland)
    Pillar “Leinster” last years passed, losing a place in the basis of the team. However, Healey has more experience than Kyle Sinclair, for example.
  2. Dylan Hartley (England)
    Warren Getland chose his rival Jamie George over to Captain Scarlet Roses.
  3. Willem Nel (Scotland)
    The naturalized South African could have been a member of the “lions”, but injuries prevented the Edinburgh post.
  4. Joe Lonchbury (England)
    One of the best players of the Six Nations Cup and a nominee for the title of “Rugby Player of the Year in England” is also out of bids.
  5. Johnny Gray (Scotland)
    The captain of the Glasgow Warriors, like Launchbury, will not go to New Zealand.
  6. James Haskell (England)
    The third line of British and Irish Lviv is well-equipped, but such fighters as Haskell would not have prevented her.
  7. Chris Robshaw (England)
    Ex-captain of the “Scarlet Roses” Gatland also left behind.
  8. Jamie Hyslip (Ireland)
    An experienced Irishman in the opinion of the coaching staff of the “Lions” is weaker than Billy Vunipoly, Taulupe Faletau and Ross Moriarty.
  9. Greig Leidlow (Scotland)
    If it were not for the injury at the beginning of the Six Nations Cup, perhaps the thistle skipper would fly to New Zealand.
  10. Finn Russell (Scotland)
    Getland chose the top three really strong Fly Havs, but could take Russell if he counted on Farrell as the center.
  11. Tim Visser (Scotland)
    A native of the Netherlands was not impressed by the coaching staff of the British and Irish Lviv.
  12. Scott Williams (Wales)
    The main center of the Welsh, Gatland did not find a place.
  13. Hugh Jones (Scotland)
    Alas, the injury prevented the Stormers center from claiming a place in the squad.
  14. Simon Zibo (Ireland)
    In contrast to 2013, Zibo did not get into the application of “lions”.
  15. Mike Brown (England)
    The best player in the Six Nations Cup 2014 in recent years has passed.
    Spare: 16. Ross Ford (Scotland), 17. Rob Evans (Wales), 18. Samson Lee (Wales), 19. Richie Gray (Scotland), 20. Dan Lydeate (Wales), 21. Danny Car (England), 22. George Ford (England), 23. Harry Ringrose (Ireland).

While some are fighting against Lviv, others are fighting with each other – Lions against Super Rugby

So far, the British Lions have already played a lot of matches against the New Zealand franchises and they all turned out to be different. Nevertheless, many experts are inclined to regard the meeting with Crusaders at AMI when assessing the prospects for the team. The Crusaders acted too actively in the fights of others, which allowed the Lions to earn penalties and free (out of nine they lost only one in the end), while Seiders was stable (in fact, being under much less pressure from the opponent), did not give except save the ball.

No one should be embarrassed by the lack of attempts – the desire to put in the record book cost the owners a couple of penalties and brought only one video preview, which did not confirm the landing in the impassable thick of bodies – Farrell’s ability to send the ball to the target from any point and distance adds pressure to the All Blacks forwards, in particular – to fight. Needless to say, New Zealand and Crusaders, and such a bad day that George Bridge had, which squandered several opportunities, is unlikely to happen again in any of the collections, but the obvious imbalance in the opportunities of beating with double work in crayfish should compensate for Kane and Savea.

Next we will talk about some of the greatest players in the British and Irish Lions team, such as Gordon Brown, Matt Dawson and others.

What will Jonny Wilkinson remember?

English competitors, that in the group, that in the individual species is natural in a specific code. He isn’t enrolled anyplace, however is inborn similarly as the stance of Matthew Goode or the highlight of Colin Firth. It is characteristic (like the way that Emma Watson got a degree in writing). Wayne Rooney doesn’t have a Turner Gallery Guide under his cushion or a lot of principles on the best way to convey a business card. He has a check for multi week thousands. However he can likewise convey a business card. This set, as Tony Parsons composed, does not rely upon distinction, contract and vectors of the business. He is practically cliché, as the British should love tea that Thatcher is an “iron woman” that you need to get up within the sight of the women (and everything else that Americans are attempting to learn, or ridicule).

In the event that the game supplanted the war, at that point in the “new wars” England won with trouble. Since 1966, England has not had a solitary group triumph at a noteworthy universal games gathering. He won “Manchester United”, won “Liverpool”, won “McLaren” in “Equation 1” (and did it even with a British racer), won world races, residential warms and even Wimbledon (by implication – even Andy Murray quit shouting at each corner “I am a Scot!”, on account of this he didn’t turn into a littler Scot).

Britain hasn’t been an explanation behind pride on the worldwide group level since the times of Bobby (Moore and Charlton). The island country, respected with a postscript – they held the entire world for their eggs for right around a century – in “current wars”, had a triumphant history, similar to those of the Falkland Islands. In the class of world group triumphs, England resembled its own settlement – what you trust in, yet which you should surrender. Conventions remained the picture the measure of St. Paul’s arch and the Guardian’s editors at King Place. They “raised” confidence in status, pride and want. Watch Wimbledon’s most recent amusement, Lewis Hamilton win or England football vanquishes in real discussions (1998 – punishment shootout, 2000 – winning 2-0, lose 2-3, don’t leave the gathering, 2002 – Ronaldinho scored from 37 meters, 2004 – punishment, 2006 – punishment, 2010 – not scored an objective, 2012 – punishment). As a disaster in the Globe Theater, just the globe is a donning world. Also, if the correct Olivier or Burbage does not show up at the perfect time in the opportune spot (the primary concern is that Burbage can beat the punishment), they will lose.

Also, the British love rugby. The celebrated “men of honor’s amusement played by men of their word” is right around an impression of the furious “red” code when, with Udalian courteous nimbleness, with an admixture of psyche, energy and adventurism (+ chance), achievement is accomplished (in football, German fans ought to recollect this , for reasons unknown, looked at the Nou Camp on May 26, 1999). Without precedent for games, this recipe (experience ability achievement) was discussed amid the season of Bernie Ecclestone and Colin Chapman, who in this manner made the unbelievable Lotus (named after his better half – structured out of appreciation for the virtuoso of building), for Formula 1. After the “Race” by Ron Howard, the picture of the “incredible show” based on innovation and hazard was recalled and, alluding to the triumph of James Hunt in 76th.

Rugby is unique – the principle group activity in the UK. Also, as long as you don’t have eyes on your brow, I’m improving – the primary concern as far as joining the camaraderie, which is equivalent to economic wellbeing. The kick of the 24-year-old fly-haf of the English national group Jonny Wilkinson in the 2003 World Cup last was situated as what brought England’s first world group accomplishment since the season of the 1966 World Football Championship. Like the reconquest of the provinces, the reinforcing of the domain, the skirmish of Gallipoli or The Beatles. In the news, features press – 3 points from Wilko’s drop-objective were “the primary English focuses in the 21st century”. Pride, valor (to beat the most loved in his own field), Victoria in the most recent seconds. Name 5 sports nations that can win along these lines and you have not seen that blow, if England isn’t in your main three. That hit was everything, as it would have been in the slip of John Terry, in the event that he had been given to intrude on: 26 seconds before the finish of additional time, youthful Wilkinson, who began his way to the national group from “Voyage through Hell” (Tour Of Hell-98, visit ” red roses “in Australia and New Zealand, where there were such injuries, such as, 0-76), for which an opening emerged, in the event that somebody was harmed, or somebody had a tyke, – this individual hits a drop-objective in Brisbane (Australia), in the zone (Australia) with the correct foot. Throughout everyday life, Wilkinson is left-given.

An exceptional way: until 2003, Australia’s last thrashing in the Rugby World Cup last was in 1995, from England. Score 20-17 – England’s first triumph in the historical backdrop of the rugby World Cup. Wilko is the legend, the “brilliant person,” Guy Fox, despite what might be expected, the “officer” who connected the domain. What’s more, in the meantime the wonder of an individual starts, woven into the general plot. Wilkinson did not turn into the “paper lion” tabloids. He strolled the way because of instruction, childhood, and condition. Try not to mistake this way for retreat or grandiosity. Wilkinson never met with the models, yet Wilkinson took Elizabeth II. Wilkinson did not get into the tattle, yet was at gatherings with Princes William and Harry. Wilkinson composed 4 blockbusters in the style of “My Career” in 16, yet got the most elevated “An” in science and science at Lord Wordsworth College. Wilkinson was by Becks – Wilkninson was never Becks. What’s more, he didn’t, regardless of whether he played football.

In France, he generally reacted in French, wedded school love, got the Order of the British Empire, and once in a while discusses “that blow,” a fussbudget who contended his technique with a making progress toward Buddhism “). Once in a while shows up on TV – regularly flashes in the press. It is impossible that a goodbye match will be organized. It is probably not going to enlighten again concerning the “Effect”. It won’t be a characteristic “top” on a worldwide scale. There will be purposely taking a stab at this. Run of the mill sports star of the British triumphs.

In some cases Wilkinson says that amid his vocation he committed to preparing one component (that equivalent strike) for somewhere around 2 hours. Here it is: good karma duplicated by aptitude. For 26 seconds, he, a man who will get a doctorate in law, leaves on an experience of world extension (Talleyrand would state – la-la), from which his making progress toward flawlessness attracts him to the surface. Also, this isn’t deliberately. We don’t state that football England is purposefully driving itself into a punishment circumstance. This is the plot. What’s more, the time between progress is estimated by how frequently Wilkinson, Murray, Charlton, Perry show up on specific branches. 1936 – Fred Perry, 2013 – Andy Murray. That is the reason it is difficult to pull for the British, that is the reason it is charming: in the event that they win, on the size of a period.

Rugby Legend: Gareth Edwards

Many rugby fans rightly consider the scram-haw (that is, the midfielder of the bout, the ninth number) of the Wales team Gareth Edwards one of the best players in history. Edwards stood out for his speed on the field, which, in combination with power, made him an extremely dangerous opponent. In addition, he played with extraordinary ease and dexterity. Intuition on the field was another of his outstanding qualities, as was his great will to win. Gareth always knew how to play his foot wisely, in general, all this helped him become a great player, and it is not surprising that the years of rugby fame for the Wales team fell on the very time that Edwards played on this team.

Gareth Edwards was born on July 12, 1947 in a Welsh village with the difficult to pronounce name Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen in a poor miner’s family. Like many guys, Gareth played rugby on the streets, playing international matches with his teammates, and often made a winning attempt in games against England. He played future scram-haw at school, where his teacher and trainer Bill Samuels noticed him. It was he who advised the young man to try to enroll in the prestigious English school “Millfield”, which offered scholarships to students with sports talent from poor families. Edwards managed to get a scholarship and get to school, where his talent received the necessary grinding. Later, Edwards called Samuels one of the people who had the most impact on his life. Another such person was his father, Glan Edwards, who, despite the scholarship, had to pay a substantial part of his miner’s salary to pay for his son’s education.

Already in 1967, at just 19 years old, Edwards first played for the Wales national team in a match against France. Since then, from 1967 to 1978, he has played 53 matches for the national team, setting a record that may not be broken soon. Not once did Edwards miss an international match due to injury and did not allow himself a single disastrous performance. Already next season, Edwards became the youngest captain of Wales in history. At first, an incredulous Welsh public reacted critically to this, but soon the player’s results began to speak for themselves, and he became the darling of the audience. He helped his team win the Five Nations Cup seven times, including three Grand Slams. In defense, Edwards formed a successful duet with Barry John, who became one of the main factors for the success of the national team. They, like no one, understood each other on the field, and, it seemed, could even predict the movements of a comrade. It is interesting that during international matches they often switched to their native Welsh, so that their opponents did not understand what they were talking about. True, the judges often fined this couple, because they thought they were scolding them in Welsh.

Rugby and Autoworld: athlete Lawrence Dallaglio became ambassador for Range Rover Sport

The new Range Rover Sport SUV will now be represented by the famous British athlete Lawrence Dallaglio. Well-known car brand is no accident chose this athlete. Now the world tour of the rugby team “British and Irish Lions” is underway. At the end of the tour, Lawrence will also continue to work with the Jaguar Land Rover brand. Lawrence’s brilliant sports career and his fund to help young athletes Rugby For Change emphasizes Land Rover’s philosophy of going beyond the ordinary. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Range Rover Sport has a more confident and impressive appearance, luxurious interior and interior flexibility.